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We pride ourselves on our quality of work and service. Our highly professional
and knowledgeable team are always happy to give free advice.


We can dismantle any trees regardless of their situation, from dead and dangerous trees to mature trees in confined spaces. Our highly skilled staff will remove the tree in sections to guarantee there will be no damage We will ensure that all arising debris is removed from the site to limit the disruption to the trees surroundings.

All waste is either transported from the location and recycled, or can be processed and left on site for your own use.

Hedge Trimming / Reducing

All hedges and shrubs can be reshaped and reduced to your specification, from trimming small ornamental shrubs, to heavily reducing large conifer hedge rows or taming wild overgrown areas to a more manageable state we also regularly maintain many hedges to offer a neat and tidy look to your property.


We have the ability to transform old scruffy looking, neglected trees back to their original form offering greater amenity value to your surroundings or simply producing a specimen that improves the aesthetics of your garden.


Our team are very experienced in pruning trees to rectify problems such as damage to nearby buildings or utility lines, or where a tree is simply becoming too large for where it is situated. Also we can prune fruit trees to dramatically increase the yield they produce.

Stump Treatment

We have a range of ways to deal with unwanted tree stumps, we have machinery that can grind the stump out of the ground entirely killing off all main root systems ensuring there is no re- growth, treating the stump with a poison is also an option.

Crown reduction / raising

We can increase the amount of light in a garden if there is a tree casting a shadow we can thin out or raise the canopy to allow dappled light through offering a solution without affecting the trees natural shape.

Tree Reservation Orders

Due to our teams experience in the public sector we can work in accordance with the local authorities in conservation areas and on tree preservation orders acting as a liaison between the council and the client, completing any necessary paperwork.

Dead Wooding

The removal of dead branches is important for safety reasons and can improve the appearance of a tree. Dead wood can cause a fair amount of damage to property if fallen from a height. Also when dead branches fall they can damage lower branches and make them unsafe.


Coppicing is a technique that encourages healthy tree growth by repeatedly cutting tree shoots to near ground-level. After a few years, the coppiced area can be harvested for wood and the cycle can begin again. Much in the same way that a farmer rotates the crops that are grown on the farm, coppiced areas of the wood are also dealt with on a rotation basis so that each year there is always somewhere in the coppiced area that can be harvested.